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Joey Chou

August 26 | 6:13 | 12689♥ | theartofanimation
Anonymous:I'm not sure where I read this, but I do remember TFF actually saying that they have written stories. My thing is, if that's the case, why dont they post them up on the sites they frequent? Is it because, deep down, they dont want to have their work trashed, and thus are fearful of the repercussions from their virulent posts?



That is certainly a possibility, though I doubt she’d ever admit to that.

Until I see one, it didn’t happen and I will continue to think she can’t write shit…because I’m sorry, but someone this absurd cannot possibly formulate or compose anything other than their vengeful, inane diatribes.

I imagine those are exhausting in themselves. It takes effort for that much hate, and spares little energy for productive activities.

If she did write stories, she doesn’t now.

I want to read what she wrote. I’m curious what kind of story she will write and how she will react to comments. I bet she will be the kind of author who can’t handle critics. :)

August 26 | 5:52 | 2♥ | maiafay | thefoxfamiliar


first and last words of each regeneration of the new who doctors

August 26 | 5:20 | 18547♥ | doctorwho | rosereturns

August 26 | 4:58 | 1516♥ | yeahyeahyeaaah | daaud


More new images from Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 2: ‘Into the Dalek’.

Find more images here: (x)

August 26 | 4:57 | 3483♥ | doctorwho | bbcamerica




i promised a flower crown Ezio to my bro hashashiyyin, so… (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

August 26 | 4:56 | 2748♥ | yeahyeahyeaaah